Muladhara | Root Chakra

The first of the seven major chakras – lowest in the body

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara

The root or base chakra is the base of our existance on earth. It is related to our very existance, manifestation on the earthly plane, our physical well-being, security, and groundedness. Without a balanced root chakra, energy can not move upward properly to the other chakras.

Metaphysical Connection: connection to Earth, empowerment, existance, family, gravity, groundedness, growth, health  (physical), indivuality, loving life, money, nourishment, safety, security, self-esteen, shelter, stability, strength, survival, tribe, vitality

Colors: Primary – red; Also – brown, gray

Location: at the coccyx (tailbone), perineum (between sex organs and anus)

Related Stones: Root or Base Chakra Crystals

The Root Chakra says,

“I am here and I love life.”

It is associated in many mythologies with dragons and serpents, which are also related to kundalini. The Sanskrit word Muladhara means root or support. This chakra, the first chakra, is considered one of the “lower” chakras because it is in the first three of the seven major chakras.

Dieties: Anat, Ceridwen, Dakini, Demeter, Erda, Ereshkigal, Gaia, Ganesha, Lakshmi

Element: Earth

Beneficial Exercises, Foods, and More

Body Parts/Organs/Glands: adrenals, anus, back, bladder, bones, colon, feet, hips, kidneys, legs, lymph system, nose (related to sense of smell), prostate (men), skeletal system, teeth

Planets: Earth, Saturn

Sense: Smell