Photographs of Meditations in Water

Sponsor a water installation in rural Uganda with the Ugandan Water Project

Learn to meditate in water through the guidance of the artist.

See your face join an exhibit of hundreds.

Mindfulness Media

Tao Te Ching #42.

The Way bears sensation, Sensation bears memory, Sensation and memory bear abstraction, And abstraction bears all the world; Each thing the world bears feeling and doing, And, imbued with mind, harmony with the Way. As others have taught, so do I teach, “Who loses harmony opposes nature”; This is the root of my teaching.


Promoting water Resources in Africa

On the individual level it starts as a mindfulness exercise focused on the element of water. The teacher and photographer guides the participant’s progress while photographing the direct experience of the participant.  The resulting photographs  increase the expanding ripples into our shared consciousness promoting the following gallery event where hundreds of photos are presented publicly.  

Teaching Yoga

Neil is a Yoga Alliance RYT200 certified yoga teacher focused on one2one instruction.

Learn to meditate

Water gives the learner a tangible, physical outlet for the wandering mind, the mind can consume it’s focus on the sensation of the water and the practitioner begins to see their thoughts like the water, ever flowing changing – but outside themselves. The photographic element captures that personal & intangible element as a statement and relates it to our shared experience in overcoming the mind.  We take the gallery event into the realm of  environmental activism by picturing our self in the body of water that may be polluted.  The act shows that we are not separate from our environment; we only dream that we are.


Inspired Video Production

Whether you are looking for a basic yoga video, or an artistic promotional piece utilize Neil’s 20 years of production experience and artistic sensitivity to achieve the vision and presentation you need.

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Learn Yoga

Neil teaches yoga in a one-to-one fashion and specializes in working with Men.  Men’s bodies and goals are different and there is much to be gained in the physical and emotional realm from a yoga practice focused on the needs of a man. Neil facilitates your yoga class goals with soundtrack recording and design and video presentations that guide the abhyasa & vairagyabhyam.  Put in the simplest form, pre-recording your class cues can free you up to put more energy into the people in your class.