We are not separate

From our environgment

we only dream that we are

Conceptual Statement

A performance art piece Mind As Water allows a single participant a mindfulness exercise buided by the element of water. The participant’s progress in photographic stills becomes a social media awareness and identity experience through tagging on facebook. The expanding ripples of shared experience and traditional fundraising sponsors a water resource through the Ugandan Water Project.

The photographic element captures the meditation experience as a statement of acceptance, as well as an act of environmental activism: picturing oneself in the body of water that may be polluted shows that we are not separate from our environment; we only dream that we are. 

Fundraising Goals

$5500 will provide water for 4-600 individuals in Uganda.  A recommended individual donation of $50 means 110 individuals will be photographed for a local gallery showing.

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Sponsorhip by local businesses multiplies the international imprint.

The water tank in Uganda can be named after the sponsoring business – and the business will recieve photos from the field showing their sponsorship involvement.  The marketing results for the sponsoring business ripple outward from both the gallery show and the international impact shared in social media.

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Body Positive Art


Perfect for image related businesses such as salons, fitness groups, college groups or recovery groups to build rapport with clientele and present a community of acceptance.

The art making process fuels discussion and reflection both in a live group setting as well as online as each individual experiences their peer’s reactions to their photos on the gallery wall.

14 + 9 =

1. Where are these shot? 

The quick shoots are in the shower – I come to your location, or you to mine, and shoot for 20-40min as you meditate and illustrate the presence of mind encouraged by the Tao Te Ching. I bring the backdrop which is taped to the wall, so you don’t have to travel anywhere for this quick, relaxing and pleasantly challenging shoot. I also shoot outdoors and in more elaborately planned and executed project for specific publications.

2. Is makeup necessary, allowed? 

Not really needed, the them of the imagery is intended to be raw, real and psychologically engaging, not necessarily in the beauty genre – but as you can see from the imagery, beautiful compelling photographs are the result. Tao #2 speaks about the creation of ugliness, as a concept of mind and so the project values open acceptance of whatever body you bring to the table. Accept and feel complete – and we will make an awesome image of that experience. You don’t need more to be beautiful, besides the water removes imperfections even better than photoshop.

3. Where will the photos be going? 

In the short term to Facebook, and to magazines that pickup the stories. The imagery will be developed into a large scale gallery show that raises funds and awareness for water development in Africa. I have been working on this series of images since 2009, but the large scale events are not ready yet. Your personal support of the project through tagging and sharing your photo on Facebook, is the small step that will lead to your friends knowing more about world water issues. Small scale house parties are happening all across the country, and College and University students are participating to raise the awareness of what solutions we need to bring so that all humans have clean drinking water. The participation on Facebook and in magazine articles and blog posts will attract corporate sponsorship for the final series of gallery shows that sponsor wells and tanks in Africa.

4. What does this cost? 

You will need to sign a model release to participate, because lawyers say so. You will receive the 5-10 best shots for your private collection as a thank you for your participation. The photographic experience is free of charge, but a $40 donation is recommended to reimburse the cost of the shoot. I hope you consider giving to place real water resources in Rural Uganda. If you are a public figure or professional model we will talk about your public relations strategy, and we will follow through with the plan we devise. The money that is earned from space rates in publications or licensing goes directly to water resources.

5. Do I need to be topless/nude? 

No, it may enhance your experience of the water, but no ‘parts’ are shown to keep the imagery to a general public display standard for the gallery show. A strapless suit, bra or duck tape will keep you covered. The shoot is about capturing the ‘experience’ of water in the most direct form possible. The images may appear ‘sexy’ but more because sexuality is that creative force the universe uses to bring forth life, and we acknowledge that. Neil has photographed over 600 subjects and will walk you through your concerns, inhibitions and push you beyond your expectations in creating amazing photographs.