Hello I’m Neil,

I’ll be your yoga teacher

I should have died at 20 years old, in a car wreck.
But instead I found Yoga.

I woke up in the hospital able to turn my head about 20 degrees to the right.  Two cracked teeth, over 100 stiches, and glass embedded in my skin that would take 5 years to get out. The medical doctors told me I would never be able to do a pullup again.  I was sitting on my family farm in the early days of recovery and a yoga class presentation was on PBS – one of the three broadcast channels we received in the rural area.  I just got out of my chair and followed along!

I had a wonderful chiropractor and therapist who guided my recovery and he is still my top referral today, but the daily practice of Yoga was, is, and will be the life stream of health and vitality like no other.  It is more personal than any practicioner can give you, and it puts a wholistic sense of healing in your total midset.

I have done P90X, half iron man triathalons, heavy weight training, and all manner of sports from extreme rock climbing to collegiate soccer and volleyball and nothing get’s me in as complete shape and health as Yoga.

Yoga is not an open book

It’s not, you need more than an internet video or DVD or group class.  You need a personal guide, and daily practice with increasing insight into your body and your ability.  Only a skilled yoga teacher can provide the mirror for growth and development unique to you and your practice.  Contact Neil today to develop that relationship, or reach out to the thousands of other practicioners that you have a personal affinity for.

20 years of yoga have taught me:

daily practice pays the highest dividends in the savings account of my physical and mental health.  It doesn’t mean I have 2 hours a day to spend every day – but I do my best to return to the core of my body’s need for movement and meditation every day.  I want to take you to the place in your body where you know exactly what it needs, and without daily examination you don’t have a solid foundation for insight.  We will explore and expand your knowledge through daily practice of the same routine.  I will work with you to build a daily routine that addresses the repetitive stresses your body faces, and add energetic & intuitive subtleties that are the little bit of magic we credit to yoga.  As all practice is truly personal – since it’s in your body – I’m here to be your guide in gaining the millimeter, or half millimeter of progress each day.  We have a limitless catalog of skills in Asana to keep you learning for the rest of your life:

  1. Developing a Personal Sequence
  2. Creating a Sacred Space
  3. Teaching Meditation with Biofeedback

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Is the scientific explanation for what yogi masters found thousands of years ago.  A force must be applied for the muscle to completely release.  Practicing fully expressed poses with a fully educated approach will teach you were to apply the forces to receive both the relaxation & strength benefits at the same time.

Yoga Teacher for Personal Daily Practice

The yogic masters have left us with detailed instructions on building strength and grace in body and mind in complex series of asana practices.  Many of those structures take hours a day to build proficiency to the epic levels needed for completion.  Your modern life may not have space in it to dedicate several hours a day but the lessons of daily practice & asana design for therapeutic results are what the yogic masters achieved.  We can achieve astounding results for:

  • increasing daily energy levels
  • removing repetitive stress pains
  • developing mindful focus
  • developing integrated strength
  • regaining range of motion

Neil worked with me one-on one in private, and gave me the confidence to go to a yoga class and know enough to fit in, and not embarrass myself.  I’m still a beginner, but I’m a beginner who has a perspective on where I’m headed.  I recommend starting with a knowledgeable teacher, as I would have never kept it up otherwise.

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Yoga Teaching Resume

Therapeutic Undergraduate Degree

20 Years of Yoga Practice & Group Facilitation Experience

RYT 200 Trained by Evan & Kelly Harris @ Tapas Yoga Shala

Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi emphasis

Practiced White Tantric with 3HO

  • Yoga Alliance Certification 200hr RYT
  • Training under Evan Harris – Tapas Yoga Shala
  • Practicing Ashtanga in personal practice
  • Practicing holistic healthcare locally in Peoria IL:
    • Referral for Chiropractic: Dr. Chad Walker, Dr. Jason Benningfield
    • Referral for Integrative Medicine: Sherry Brewer
    • Referral for Neuromuscular Release Massage: Bill Mason
  • Offering Group Seminars in:
    • Modifying Primary Series to your Ability Level
    • Yoga Wheel : extending balance and strength
    • Water Mediation : using fluid as a focal point
    • Hip Vinyasa : building heat, strength and balance in the hips
    • Shoulder Yin : cooling and calming the shoulder and upper torso